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Invacare Alber Emotion DuoDrive

Seat Width:  Inches Weight: 15.6 kg Limit:  Stone

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Alber Emotion DuoDrive

DuoDrive power assist wheels provide instant power with just one push.  It features built in sensors in the hand rims that measure your drive movement to provide you with the desired power. The drive wheels feature Cruise mode which will continually drive at a consistent speed   allowing you to manoeuvre or steer your wheelchair with minimal effort. Slowing down or braking is easy to do, just turn the control knob to stop. 

DuoDrive features two assistance levels for indoor and outdoor use which can be adjusted to suit your driving behaviour.

Key Features

  • Fits any standard wheelchair, just swop out the self propel wheels (check bracket required)
  • Highly efficient motors with lithium-ion batteries integrated into the wheel hub
  • Two different driving modes
  • Cover longer distances with Cruise mode - useful when negotiating slopes and inclines
  • Easy to use control that mounts to the wheelchair with Bluetooth capability
  • Mobility Plus package offers additional features and functionality, this is a chargeable option.
  • Maximum speed 6km/h
  • Available wheel sizes: 22", 24", 25"

Longer Distance Covered

Cruise mode allows you to cover longer distances without continually pushing the hand rims. It conserves your energy all you need to do is steer your wheelchair. The control is easy to use and just one turn stops the chair or press the large control button once to start or stop Cruise mode. 


Each drive wheel weighs just 7.8kg each making it one of the lightest active power add ons available from Alber. 

App Store

Mobility Plus package is a chargeable addition, available to download from the App Store or Google Play, please note there may be 'in app' purchases which are chargeable. 

Puncture Proof Tyres

Additional accessories available: Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, puncture proof tyres 1" PU solid or 1 3/8" with tyre cover and PU insert, push rims with coating, ergonomic push rims Curve L or Quadro, spoke covers with and without decoration.