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ScootaMart stocks a wide range of wheelchairs for our customers, both self-propelled and transit are available. Because of the number of joints, and weight of the aluminium steel, a folding wheelchair loses a lot of energy, so a folding wheelchair won’t move as far as a rigid wheelchair with a single push.

A titanium sport wheelchair weighs roughly a third of the weight of a standard steel folding wheelchair, and so will move much further per push. This is an important consideration when choosing the right wheelchair for your needs.

If you intend to move yourself in the chair using the rims on the rear wheels, you will need to look at ‘self propelled’ wheelchairs which have large back wheels. These chairs are made to be used by the passenger, they usually have pushing handles on the back so that the chair can be pushed where needed. The larger back wheels are an advantage when being pushed up kerbs or over other obstacles.

If you are unable to propel yourself and plan to rely on someone else pushing the chair, you are usually better off with an attendant propelled or transit wheelchair. These have smaller rear wheels and are easier to move for the person pushing. They also fit easier into the car boot, although most wheelchairs now feature quick release wheels. They are no set rules about which type of chair to go for. If you think you might want to propel yourself even if only infrequently you would be better off going for a self propel wheelchair. This would give you the best of both worlds. However, you should weigh this up against the increased width of the chair from the pushrims on the rear wheels.

Still unsure which to choose? Have a read of our getting started guide below or contact the friendly team at ScootaMart today to discuss your options. We’ll demonstrate our range for you so that you can be sure that you’ll be choosing the perfect wheelchair.

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