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Excel Click and Go Lite Powerstroll – Making Light Work Of Tricky Turns The Click & Go Lite enables you to add power to your standard push wheelchair. A small, lightweight pack mounts to the frame of the manual wheelchair, giving the attendant power assistance when pushing the chair. Its two wheels give good contact [...]

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This excellent Powerstroll will turn most manual wheelchairs into carer controlled powered wheelchairs. Allows speed of up to 4mph* Travels up to 10 miles (16 km) on a full battery charge* The Powerstroll can easily be fitted or removed within seconds The excellent P G Drives S-Drive controller features a fully programmable and comprehensive fault [...]

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Latest technology has made pushing and braking a wheelchair much easier with Alber’s power assist function, an electric pushing and braking aid. This wheelchair power add on helps people when pushing a wheelchair especially when travelling uphill or downhill, on steep ramps, sloping drives or on longer journeys. The power assist function is easy to [...]

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Alber’s basic pushing and braking aid helps people when pushing a manual wheelchair. This wheelchair power assist add on is ideal for comfort wheelchairs. The power assist function helps people as it makes pushing a wheelchair much easier. The controls of the wheelchair add on are easy to use and it has automatic braking function, providing [...]

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Alber’s simple, yet effective wheelchair power add on provides a quick and easy solution to getting around. The wheelchair add on Viamobil V25 Push and Brake aid can be quickly attached to most manual wheelchairs. The drive motor simply attaches to the rear of a wheelchair while the functional design of hand controls fit neatly [...]

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The new and improved e-fix E35 offers a smarter, lighter way to convert your manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. With a compact battery pack, lightweight components and a new sleek hand control, the e-fix E35 is the best way to travel in a wheelchair. Enjoy a new degree of mobility With e-fix, the electrical [...]

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The new Alber Twion M24 power assist wheels are a revolutionary new product for active wheelchair users. The power drives are contained within the wheel hub and provide effortless motion with just one push. Using the latest technology the Alber Twion power assist wheels feature smartphone connectivity to adjust settings, record journeys, view battery life, [...]

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The E-motion manual wheelchair add on merges active mobility with therapeutic benefit with its power assist wheels that provide easy motion in just one push. It’s ideal for those with impaired strength and helps people pushing a wheelchair as the power assist wheels require little effort. It features a modern drive concept based on a [...]

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The e-motion M25 power drive offers extra power and a lighter weight in comparison to the previous model. Each wheel weighs only 7.8 kg, a 33% reduction from the M15 and is now available in three wheel sizes, 22″, 24″ and 26″. Ideal for active individuals looking for a powerful and versatile mobility solution to [...]

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Taking mobility to the next level Designed by the leader in power add on drives, the Alber e-pilot transforms a manual wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps. Choose between using your manual wheelchair as standard, or simply attach the e-pilot, connect to your smartphone and access the smart features to [...]

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