Scooter tutors to give safety lessons to mobility buggy drivers

scooter tutors to give lessons

Free ‘driving classes’ for mobility scooter users are soon to go on offer to individuals in Horsham.

The ‘stay safe’ sessions are being made available to buggy users thanks to Horsham District Older People’s Discussion board and Horsham Town Community Partnership.

During the sessions, scooter tutors will accompany buggy users on pavements, paths, into shops and different public places, offering advice and tips.

The scooter drivers will be able to practice the best methods of reversing, turning, approaching slopes, narrow openings and such like.

The free, volunteer-run sessions will offer two and a half hours of expertise and safety advice.

Horsham Town Community Partnership chairman David Searle stated: “We urge those that are considering buying a scooter, newcomers and experienced scooter drivers to reap the benefits of these sessions to enhance their own safety and that of other pavement users.

“We will have some scooters available for those who don’t yet own one.

“You’re never too old to learn,” he added.

Specialists say that the number of accidents involving mobility scooters continues to rise every year.

The new safety sessions in Horsham are being supported by Horsham District Council, Age UK and Horsham District.

The Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People is also involved in the coaching sessions, and providing support to the tutors.

Nearly 400,000 people within the UK are estimated to regularly use a mobility scooter but there isn’t a legal requirement for users to have any safety or driver training in their use.

Horsham Older People’s Forum chairman Martin Bruton stated: “Mobility scooters can and do make a positive impact on individuals’s lives.

“I know that some are cautious of driving a scooter or have been put off using one and this is a perfect opportunity to put that right under safe conditions. At the same time, it’s also a terrific opportunity for those more experienced users to pass on their skills and expertise.”

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