One Rehab Globe Trotter

£2,199.00 £1,999.00 Excl VAT


£2,199.00 £1,999.00 Excl VAT

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  • Speed: 4 MPH
  • Weight Capacity: 18 Stone / 115 Kg
  • Range: 10 Miles/16 Km

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About The Product
One Rehab Globe trotter mobility scooter folding

The One Rehab Globe Trotter – The Transforming Mobility Scooter

The One Rehab Globe Trotter is a folding mobility scooter with a truly unique design. We’ve moved on from the times of having to manually fold your mobility scooter in preparation for travel, why endure such a tedious task when you can simply click a button and watch as your scooter automatically folds right in front of you. Well the One Rehab Globe Trotter can do just that! Simply push a button on a key fob and watch as it folds away into a neat and compact size in just 10 seconds!

Powerful And Compact

You won’t believe your eyes when you’re easily lifting the amazingly light 26 Kg scooter into your boot after watching it transform from a powerful vehicle with a range of 10 Miles and a capacity of 18 Stone, to a compact and convenient package that can be easily stored for transport or around the house. Spend less time thinking about how you’re going to get your mobility scooter in the car, or where to put it when you’re at home, and spend more time thinking about everywhere you’ll be able to go on your new Globe Trotter. Furthermore, don’t have any doubts about taking your wheels abroad as you as the Globe Trotter can be easily taken abroad as part of your luggage.

A Stable, Comfortable Experience

Overall, the rare 4 wheel design of the Globe Trotter offers a safe and stable driving experience and high ground clearance means you can take your mobility scooter wherever you need to go. As well as stability and a highly capable design, the many adjustment opportunities also provide you with a highly comfortable and personalised driving experience. Adjusting the height of the tiller you can give yourself all the legroom you need for optimum comfort.

Available in colours: Capri Blue, Midnight Purple, Oyster Grey.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight lithium battery
  • Fast and easy to fold at a press of a button
  • Lightweight aluminium frame and components
  • Easy on and off charging with excellent access to the battery


Model Electric folding scooter Colours available
Speed (max) 4 mph
Travel Range (Max)* 10 mi. (16 km)
Battery (Max) 1 x 24V x 10Ah Lithium
User Weight (Max) 18 st. (115 kg)
Total Weight (W/O Batteries) 26 kg
Total Weight (With Batteries) 28 kg
Length 1000 mm (39.5 in.)
Width 540 mm (21 in.)
Height 890 mm (35 in.)
Folded Length 460 mm (18 in.)
Width 540 mm (21 in.)
Height 660 mm (26 in.)
Climbing Gradient (Max) 12°
Turning Radius (Min) 1570 mm (62 in.)
Ground Clearance (Mid Frame) 90 mm (3.5 in.)
Seat Height 410 mm (16 in.)
Front Tyre 163 mm (6.5 in.) Puncture Proof
Rear Tyre 190 mm (7.5 in.) Puncture Proof
Suspension No
Lights No
Charger 2 Amp Lithium
Charger Type Tiller/Battery Pack


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