Getting Started With Bath Lifts

Could You benefit from a bath lift?

For people with decreased mobility, bathing can be a difficult and uncomfortable task. If this is you, then getting in and out of a traditional bath or shower is a struggle, so you might want to consider investing in a walk-in bath or a bath lift. Whilst a walk-in bath sounds like a good idea, often bathrooms need to be completely redesigned in order to accommodate this new feature. This is not only an expensive option, but it greatly impacts your daily routine during the refurbishment process. Another important thing to note is that a walk-in bath will have to be completely empty before the user can open the door and get out. This can cause some people to get cold, especially if the bath was full.

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Avoid the hassle of completely redesigning the bathroom by installing a bath lift. This convenient, cost-effective option will help you to regain your independence, allowing you to bathe without the drawbacks of a walk-in bath.

Bath lifts are lightweight, quick and easy to install. they are also portable, so they can be used in different locations. The backrest is often be removable, allowing the bath lift to be stored or transported with ease. The bath lift is both hygienic and comfortable to use, as it is usually angled so that the user does not fall forwards.  The bath lift is attached to the bath using suckers, which ensure that the bath lift won’t slide around the bath. The cover is usually non-slip and machine washable for the user’s convenience.  Certain models of bath lift are available in different colours, allowing you to match your bath lift to your bathroom decor.

How does it work?

A bath lift operates by gently lowering the person into the bath, letting them bathe in comfort. If there is not enough power to raise the bath lift back up again, it will not lower in the first place, thus providing you extra peace of mind. Bath lifts are easy to operate and maintain; the hand control unit often only has an up and down button. If required, the bath lift can also be used by a carer or attendant to ensure that the user is safe.

When the bath lift is in the upright position, the seat flaps are level with the edge of the bath. This provides a wide, supportive seating area and allows for easy transfer onto the bath lift. Pressing the control on the handset will lower the bath lift into the bath. As the bath lift descends, the seat flaps fold automatically and the backrest reclines. When in a comfortable position, the user can enjoy a bath as normal. When the user has finished bathing, the handset is used to raise the bath lift, allowing the user to exit the bath safely and securely. Since the buttons are pressure sensitive, the user can stop the bath lift at any point of the raising or lowering process.

The bath lift is powered by a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to worry about trailing mains leads. Depending on the make and model of bath lift, the handset will be capable of around 20 lifts and lowers between charges. A light on the handset will either blink or change colour to indicate when the battery needs recharging. The handset detaches from the bath lift and can be recharged overnight, so that it is always ready when you need to use it.

Depending on the model of bath lift, there might be a travel bag to store your bath lift in. This will enable to take your bath lift with you when you travel, or store it at home when it is not needed or in use.

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