Ex-marine, 89, has scooter stolen for FOURTH time in Burnley

scooter stolen burnley

AN elderly veteran has been left housebound after his mobility scooter was stolen for the fourth time.

Former Royal Marine George Marsden, 89, stated the scooter was taken from the alcove in front of his house in Pheasantford Green, Burnley, on Saturday.

He stated the scooter was his lifeline and enabled him and his companion, who has arthritis of the spine, to get to the shops.

Now, he has to depend on his grandson to deliver him meals and walk his dog.

He stated: “I’m devastated. I’m trapped in my home, I can’t get out with the dog, I can’t even make it to the stores.

“I attempted to get to the shops but hardly made it 200 yards before a lady noticed me struggling on the road and brought me home.

“My grandson has been coming round in the mornings to walk the dog and bring meals, however he has work and it’s not fair on him.”

Mr Marsden stated it was the fourth time his mobility scooter had been stolen and the second scooter to be taken from the area in two weeks.

He said: “I had been out in the afternoon with the dog, and after I went out to bring it in at dinner time it was gone.

“I still had the keys in my pocket, so they must have hotwired it.

“That is the second in two weeks, one of my neighbours had her scooter stolen as well, it’s ridiculous round here.

“It’s time something was done, the entire area has gone down hill.”

Burnley North East County Cllr Terry Burns described the theft as ‘outrageous’.

He stated: “He’s a well known chap so whoever keeps pinching them is aware of how much he needs them, it’s outrageous.

“He’s a war veteran, he’s done his bit for the nation so we have to get it back to him.”

A police spokesman stated: “It appears like they’ve gone to the front of the property, taken the scooter and made off. The theft continues to be under investigation.”

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