A disabled pensioner has been left confined to his Southport residence after heartless thieves stole his mobility scooters.

Michael Mullen, 67, was shocked to find that his two mobility scooters had been stolen from his locked storage on Sunday, Feburary 18.

The retired man, who lives on Albert Road, in Southport town centre, believes the thefts occurred during the night time or within the early hours of the morning.

Michael said: “They took my two mobility scooters, and the battery chargers for them, one of which I only purchased a few weeks ago for £1200.”

The thefts have restricted Michael’s ability to leave the house, as he suffered a stroke two years ago which left him unable to walk unaided.

The mobility scooters were also not covered by his insurance coverage, so he has been unable to claim compensation to replace them.

One of the scooters is described as a Road King Class three Mobility Scooter in black, the other is simply described as black.

The 67-year-old has lived on Albert Road for 20 years, and has never experienced anything like this previously.

Upon discovering his scooters had been missing, Michael reported the theft to Merseyside Police .

A spokesperson stated: “We received reports at around 6.45pm on February 18 that an unknown offender/s had entered a property on Albert Road and stolen two mobility scooters.

“This might’ve occurred any time between February 16-18.