Roma Powerstroller The Recommended Retail Price is £440 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

Roma Powerstroller (forward/reverse)



Variable speed setting with reverse,
Dismantles easily for transportation and storage,
Removeable battery pack for remote charging,
Security key switch,
Lifts out of use to enable normal wheelchair function,



Battery Size - 1 x 12V 17/20Ah
Battery Charger - 1.5A Off BoardDrive
Wheels (puncture proof) - 2 x 200mm 8"Maximum
Drive Speed - 3.4mph / 5.5kmphMaximum
Range - 10m / 16kmFits
Wheelchair Seat Widths - 360-510mm / 14-20"
Total Weight - 13.2kg / 29lb
Drive Unit Weight - 6.4kg / 14lb
Battery Weight - 6.8kg / 15lb
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