Roma Medical dual wheel powerpack The Recommended Retail Price is £389 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

Dual Wheelchair Powerpack from Roma Medical - Attendant Assist Powerstroll.


This Dual Wheelchair Powerpack from Roma Medical will take the strain out of pushing any heavy wheelchair, making easy work of hills, ramps and uneven pavements and surfaces.

Designed with Dual Wheels it is ideal where traction and stability are paramount. And with this Roma Dual Wheelchair Power Pack reverse gear is a standard feature adn prevents unnecessary strain when on the move forwards or reverse.

With easy to use controls and bags of pulling power these wheelchair power packs come with either a single or dual drive wheels. The dual wheel systems will provide more grip and therefore suit larger heavier users.


This Dual Wheelchair Powerpack has a removable battery pack for remote charging, security key switch, variable speed setting with reverse functions, and a maximum user weight of 136kg (21st)

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