Roma Medical 1430 Standard Car Transit Wheelchair The Recommended Retail Price is £199 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

The Roma 18" Standard Car Transit Wheelchair 1430 is a Standard Transport Wheelchair with Detachable Arms, and Swing Away Footrests.

  • Overall Depth - 89cm / 35"
  • Wheelchair Width - 62cm / 24"
  • Wheelchair Height - 91cm / 36"
  • Seat Height - 51cm / 20"
  • Seat Depth - 40cm / 16"
  • Width Between Arms - 46cm / 18"
  • Seat to Footrest - 40-53cm / 16-21"
  • Wheelchair Weight - 19kgs / 42lbs
  • Max. User Weight - 18st / 114kg

The Roma 18" Standard Car Transit Wheelchair 1430 also features:

 Progressive and Parking Braking System. This allows your Companion to More Easily Control the Speed of the wheelchair and to Stop/ Park it More Securely.

♦ Pneumatic Rear Wheels which are Air-Filled. The Air Pressure allows the Wheelchair to Roll Along Quietly and Smoothly, giving you a Smooth, Non-Bumpy Ride.

♦ Swivel Castors on the Front Tyres make it Easy for the Wheelchair to do 360* Turns, so you can Easily Guide it in any Direction and into any Angle/ Corner you Wish. Also, the Front tyres are Solid and Puncture-Proof.

♦ Optional Elevating Leg Rests, for your added Comfort. It gives you the Freedom to Change your Leg Positions while Sitting. 

Being able to Change your Leg Position is Quite Helpful in Reducing Discomforts or Pain in the Lower Parts of your Body, as a Result of Sitting for Long in a Particular Position.

It also helps in Controlling Swelling of the Legs, something like Putting your Leg up on a Footstool.

♦ Multifunctional, Swing-Away Detachable Footrests. It Swings Sideways and can be Removed to Create Space when not in Use, or to Allow Easy Movement into and out of the Wheelchair. 

These Footrests can Easily be Adjusted to Fit your Height, better Supporting your Weight and Bodyframe. 

♦ Heel Straps, to keep your Feet from Sliding Backwards and getting Caught between the Wheels.

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