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JIVE M - indoor agility with the ultimate outdoor high performance. Turning on its own axis, its ultra-small turning circle, narrow width and low seat-to-floor height gives excellent manoeuvrability indoors. Going out? SpiderTrac suspension helps to navigate onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or instability. With expandable controls, 13kph top speed, 60/70 Ah batteries and up to 40km range, high performance power will always be at your fingertips with JIVE.

Optional extras for the Jive M Include:

  • JAY Comfort optimum comfort cushion
  • JAY Comfort backrest
  • Headrest
  • Lap belt
  • A choice of angle adjustable footplates or centre mounted legrest
  • Parallel swing-away controller
  • 4mph (6kph) or 6mph (10kph) high torque (4 pole) motors
  • 60Ah batteries
  • Solid puncture proof wheels and casters
  • LED lights
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Powered centre of gravity tilt of 0 to 30 (with a -5 to 25 option)
  • Centre of gravity tilt of 0 to 50 to optimise pressure release
  • Powered lift of 30cm (11.8)
  • Powered lift and tilt (30 tilt and 30cm lift)
  • Powered reclining back (-10 to 40)
  • Powered anti-shear biomechanical back recline (-10 to 40)
  • Powered legrests
  • Elevating and articulating
  • Centre mount


Adjustable speedtick
Length113 cm
Maximum range25 miles
Maximum user weight160 kg
Turning radius56 cm
Width66 cm
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