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Unique hybrid powerchair

The Invacare Kite is unique in performance, driving comfort, compactness and personalisation. Designed for active individuals, this remarkable chair has a compact design making it ideal for outdoor activities and comes with a wide range of colour options. Its Dual Swing Technology (D.S.T.)®, provides a unique suspension system to guarantee a superior driving experience with improved comfort and traction.

Experience the performance of the Kite

This advanced chair boasts an exceptionally smooth and comfortable drive thanks to the integrated technologies built into the system:

• The patented Dual Swing Technology (D.S.T.)® allows the chair to flow freely over uneven ground while the Polymer blocks absorb these bumps to give you a comfortable, carefree drive.

• The LiNX technology system makes going through doorways or approaching tables simple and straightforward, due to its low speed and creep control. LiNX also improves hold on slopes and reduces castor lock on soft surfaces.

• The optional LiNX G-Trac® technology detects and corrects the smallest deviations from your intended path, for example a surface change. It reduces the number of corrective actions needed.

Make it personal

The Kite is truly modular and can be precisely configured. Choose from a selection of seven stylish shroud colours combined with two frame and three rim colours to personalise the powerchair. The powerchair features large batteries for increased range, 4-pole motors and 120A power module.


Adjustable speedcross
Length114 cm
Maximum range25 miles
Maximum speed6 mph
Maximum user weight160 kg
Weight with batteries125 kg
Width59.5 cm
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