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Enjoy a lifestyle that lets you travel more freely by purchasing the Roma Lyon mid-range pavement mobility scooter. It comes in a red or grey colour and features a modern build that’s easy to disassemble and place into the boot of a car.

The Roma Lyon was clearly designed with comfort in mind. It has a rotating and height-adjustable seat that can be locked into 4 different positions to meet your preferences. You can also adjust the angle of the tiller so it’s easier to reach the controls and keep your wrists in a supportive position. Change the width of the armrests to customise the seat even more.

Since the Roma Lyon can go up to 20 miles on a single charge and carry a maximum passenger weight of 21 stone, you’ll appreciate how it offers a reliable travel solution. The off board charger allows you to power up the batteries when they are separated from the mobility scooter. That could be helpful if you have disassembled the Roma Lyon to pack it into your car, and want to leave it in that condition as the batteries are charged. 

The 10-inch pneumatic tyres absorb shock when the mobility scooter is used on slightly rough terrain. Lights at the front and rear of the mobility scooter help you enjoy good visibility.

  • Comfortable seat - lockable eight position swivel
  • Forward, back and height adjustable seat
  • Width and height adjustable arms
  • Full lights set
  • Adjustable angle tiller
  • Pneumatic tyres for extra comfort


Adjustable speedtick
Backrest height46 cm
Ground clearance12 cm
Length130 cm
Maximum range20 miles
Maximum speed4 mph
Maximum user weight136 kg
Turning radius124 cm
Weight with batteries82 kg
Width60 cm
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