Pride Colt Twin Mobility Scooter The Recommended Retail Price is £1485 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

Featuring a dual wheel design on the front, the Pride Colt Twin is a contemporary 4-wheel pavement mobility scooter that offers excellent stability indoors or out. It comes in a beautiful red colour, so this model handily combines both style and substance.

A Versatile Mobility Scooter to Own The Pride Colt Twin is easy to steer, even in tight spaces. Depend on it whether you need to make a trip for a few essential items at a shop in your community, or want to go visit relatives who live nearby. The low-profile tyres contribute to the sleek build of this mobility scooter, and also help you feel more confident when guiding the Pride Colt Twin through crowded areas. Use the headlight and backlit battery indicator to safely operate the scooter in low-light conditions.

The Pride Colt Twin is User Friendly and Well-Engineered Appreciate the quick disassembly system that allows you to take the Pride Colt Twin apart in seconds with just one hand. There is also no need to use tools, making this mobility scooter a great option for people who want to enjoy portability without hassles.

Because the charging port is located high on the tiller, you will not have to awkwardly bend over to power up the batteries. The wraparound tiller style lets you control the mobility scooter with either hand, and you can also use the easy-grip tiller adjustment knob to make further adjustments.

  • Stylish and powerful
  • Stable yet maneuverable
  • Exclusive non-marking, low profile wheels
  • LED Headlights for pathway illumination
  • High visibility rear brake lighting system
  • The ultimate in quick, feather-touch disassembly
  • Extremely service friendly
  • Easy access to controller for fault finding
  • Easy access tiller-mounted charger port for standard of-board charger
  • Comfortable lightweight rotating seat with pinchless hinges


Adjustable speedtick
Maximum range15 miles
Maximum user weight159 kg
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