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Excel has designed an entirely new scooter based on years of experience and feedback from users. The all new Galaxy Plus 3 has a host of features seldom seen on mobility scooters.

Building on the design of the Galaxy 3, where over 13,000 units have already been sold, the Galaxy Plus 3 was born.

Starting at the fully adjustable suspension, the scooter has been redesigned from the ground up. The driving position has been likened to that of a car; the tiller pivots half way down so the controls are positioned similar to that of a car’s steering wheel. The rack and pinion steering combined with the steering wheel is the nearest experience you will find to driving a car. Having the 3 wheel design enables a user with long legs or a fused / fixed knee to stretch their legs out with ample room.

One fantastic feature of the Galaxy Plus 3 is the speed sensitive steering. Should you need to turn sharply whilst at high speed, the scooter automatically reduces your speed to maintain stability- another Excel first.

Comfort has been a big factor in the design; the front and rear axles both have suspension fitted, and also a secondary suspension on the seat post maintains the most comfortable ride possible. – Why settle for second best?

  • Dual suspension scooter;
  • Seat post suspension;
  • Luxury rotating captain’s seat
  • Whisper-quiet motor;
  • 3 wheel design giving unlimited leg room;
  • Tactile positive press buttons on the dashboard;
  • ‘Steering wheel’ style tiller layout;
  • Application of latest technology for efficient and economical driving;
  • Recliner Adjustment correct seated position;
  • Lots of leg room for individual comfort seat;
  • Adjustable steering for maximum control.


Adjustable speedtick
Ground clearance10 cm
Height130 cm
Length140 cm
Maximum speed8 mph
Maximum user weight160 kg
Weight with batteries136 kg
Width67 cm
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