Van Os Travelux Tiempo The Recommended Retail Price is £899 - massive discounts are available. Please call for details!

The Travelux Tiempo is a great choice for anyone who insists on proven quality and comfort.

Produced by Van Os of the Netherlands, the Tiempo is the latest in a long line of mobility scooters by a company who have repeatedly proven themselves to be up with the very best in the mobility world. With its up to date design the Tiempo has a whole host of features which set it apart from other transportable scooters. Easily dismantlable into manageable pieces within seconds, the Tiempo has an overall weight of 50kg with the heaviest part when dismantled weighing just 14kg.

Comfort and stability are also a priority on the tiempo with its ample double cushioned seat, delta bar tiller, excellent legroom and large puncture proof tyres. A powerful 270 watt motor will provide a bit more oomph on your journey and helps to push the user weight of this scooter up to 21 stone. The standard battery pack of the Tiempo is fitted with 12v 12amp batteries giving up to 10 miles on a full charge. An 18amp upgrade is also available for those who would like to travel a little further. The Tiempos impressive cv is completed by a stunning choice of metallic colours, available in orange, blue, brown and white.


Battery size12v 12ah or 12v 18ah
Ground clearance4.3 cm
Maximum speed4 mph mph
Maximum user weight135 kg
Overall length (unfolded)107 cm
Overall width (open)54 cm
Seat depth40 cm
Seat height48-53 cm
Seat width38 cm
Turning radius99 cm
Weight with batteries50 kg
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