Types of mobility scooter

Lagonda Se mobility scooterWith advances in mobility aids including power chairs, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, convenience, accessibility, freedom, and independence has returned to many seniors suffering from mobility issues. These benefits, because there are now so many quality choices, have assisted a thorough review of options and needs to ensure that a purchase of a mobility scooter results in the best solution for each person.

Electric mobility scooters are ideal for people dealing with mobility issues such as arthritis, stamina and fatigue problems. Scooters, when tailored to a persons needs, can allow them to return to places, activities and routines which may not have been previously accessible or possible due to mobility restrictions.

Electric power scooters come in many different shapes and sizes with varying levels of functionality but can usually be divided into four specific categories.

Mobile or travelling scooters like the Luggie Mobility Scooter are generally intended for indoor use because of their lightweight, compact frames and their ability to manoeuvre in tighter spaces such as grocery stores. Compact scooters usually break down into 3 or 4 lightweight pieces which allows for easy transportation and storage in the trunk area of most cars which is ideal for travelling via planes trains or auto mobiles.

The 3 wheel mobility scooters like the Rascal 600T Mobility Scooter are generally built with two wheels in the back and one in the front, simply they work in indoor and outdoor situations where there ability to make tight turns makes navigation simple. These scooters are generally built to stricter standards than the mobiles which results in a longer battery life and a higher top speed. The larger tires typically found on three wheel scooters give improved handling and a smoother ride but are still intended for relatively level and even surfaces. Some three wheel scooters break down into heavier pieces so they can still fit into a car’s boot for transportation purposes.

Leo Mobility scooterThe 4 wheel mobility scooters like the Strider Midi 4 Mobility Scooter are most commonly used outdoor due to a much wider turning ability, the added stability of the four wheel design, and longer battery life. The stability which comes from even weight distribution over the four wheels combined with higher power enables people to ride them on rougher terrain. Built for durability and heavy use handling, these scooters are generally too heavy for transportation in the boot of a car, requiring the additional aid of a scooter lift.

The Heavy duty mobility scooters like the Rascal 850 Mobility Scooter are made for people who require a weight capacity of 136 to 226 kilograms. These scooters are rear wheel drive powered to sustain heavier weights and are usually transported with a lift or trailer. Typically they have well built suspensions, reinforced frames, anti-tip equipment, additional seat options, and more power than lighter versions.


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