Mobility Aids and Disability Aids

Here at Scoota Mart we have a massive range of living aids available in each of our stores, and we're pleased to be able to announce that all of our living aids, and thousands more besides, are available to purchase online.

All of our mobility aids and disability aids are available to purchase from Handy Healthcare.

Handy Healthcare provide a secure and easy to use environment for you to buy all of your mobility and disability aids online. Their product range is one of the most extensive on the internet, with currently more than 5000 different products available for immediate purchase.

Click the logo above to visit Handy Healthcare, or select one of the main categories below to visit that section:

  • Mobility

    Mobility aids, disability aids and daily living aids from Handy Healthcare. The mobillity section of our catalogue contains products such as advanced walkers, crutches, mobility scooters accessories, wheelchairs, walking sticks, walking stick accessories, wheelchair ramps and mobility scooter ramps

  • Bathing

    Huge online catalogue containing hundreds of bathing aids and bathroom accessories. This category contains products such as shower chairs and stools, support rails, grab rails, grab bars, bath boards, bath lifts, bath seats, bathing hoists and bath and shower seats.

  • Toileting

    Literally hundreds of toileting aids and bathroom accessories from Handy Healthcare. Our range includes raised toilet seats, comfort and hygiene products, chemical toilets, bed pans, incontinence protection, urinals, toilet surround rails and continence pants and briefs, as well as many many more products to make your like easier.

  • Comfort

    Large selection of mobility aids to assist with comfort, to provide a more comfortable life for patients. Includes back supports, neck supports, pressure relief aids and seating, dressing aids, fall prevention, warmth products, memory foam cushions and many other cushions.

  • Homecare

    All Homecare Aids in our online mobility aids catalogue. Included in this category: Bed aids, bed rails, home care, home therapy, bed raisers, chair raiser, rise and recline chairs, chairs, elevators, bed raisers, leg rests, dressing aids, grooming aids, support wedges and support aids

  • Moving

    Massive range of patient moving and patient handling products. Included in this section are (amongst many others) hoists, slide and glide sheets, slings, patient transfer, transfer belts, transfer boards, transfer discs and transfer turners.

  • Household

    Huge selection of household aids and disability products to help around the house. This category includes (amongst others): kitchen aids, eating aids, drinking aids, writing aids, reading aids, plates and dishes, sensory impairment products and lots more.

  • Orthopaedics

    Massive range of orthopaedic aids available for immediate online purchase. This section includes ankle supports, foot supports, aquaform, wrist braces, wrist supports, upper extremity positioning, lower extremity positioning, taping products, shoulder supports, shoulder slings, scar treatment, positioning rolls, positioning wedges, oedema, oedema garment, pressure relief garment, pressure relief, knee support, knee brace, hand positioning splint, positioning splints, fracture bracing, finger splints, elbow supports, elbow protectors, elbow splints, clavicle supports, back supports and arthritis splints.

  • Splinting

    All products in the splinting section of our online mobility aids catalogue. Products in this section will include dynamic splinting, padding materials, positioning splints, pre cut splint blanks, splinting materials, splinting tools and accessories and strapping materials.

  • Clinic Furniture

    Large selection of furniture for use in clinics, hospitals and doctors surgerys. The section of the catalogue contains products such as couches and plinths, mirrors, screens, standing tables, frames, tilt tables, work tables and more.

  • Testing

    Large selection of products to aid in clinical testing. These products are broken into the following categories: Assessments, dexterity testing, education, evaluation kits, measurement, range of motion testing, sensation testing and strength testing.

  • Modalities

  • Bariatric Equipment

    Huge range of mobility aids and disability aids concerned with bariatrics, obesity and the overweight. Our bariatrics catalogue contains bariatric homecare equipment, mobility equipment, moving and handling equipment, bariatric toileting and bariatric bathing aids.

  • Elderly Care Activities

    Large selection of activities for the elderly, including reality orientation products, quizzes and songs, reminiscence packs, care handbooks and manuals and group work handbooks and manuals.

  • Games and Activities

    Massive range of games and activities to help people with disabilities.

  • Musical Therapy

    Our range of musical therapy products enable rehabilitation and fun for the client through making music. Our musical therapy range includes products such as maracas, castanets, drums, tambourines, jingle sticks, percussion packs, guiros, handbells, and the delightful Bambina range of animal shaped rhythm instruments

  • Creative Therapy

    Hundreds of daily living aids in the creative therapy range. This category includes products such as activity packs, adhesives and lamination, candle making and marbling products, wooden crafts and stool making products

  • Paediatric Equipment

    Literally hundreds of paediatric aids to help when looking after children. Products in this category will include those to aid with changing, moving, handling, toileting, bathing, eating and drinking, sensory motor and mobility.

  • Cognitive Assessment

    Selection of cognitive assessment aids. This section of our online mobility aid catalogue contains (amongst others): Cognitive assessment, therapeutic resources, cognitive therapy, speech therapy, language aids, language therapy, speech aids and patient assessment

  • Physical Assessment

    Large selection of physical assessment aids. Products in this category include treatment tables, rehabilitation equipment, rehab equipment, therapy supplies, therapy aids, hydrotherapy, exercise equipment, cpm machine, body supports and more!

  • Physiotherapy

    Buy Physiotherapy products online. Caring for someone. Boots have a range of mobility and daily living aids, which include grab rails, washing and bathing.