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Mobility Scooter Safety
Thursday 2 January 2015 16:03

You may have seen in the news that there has been a number of stories where a mobility scooter has been involved in an accident. With scooters travelling up to four miles per hour on the pavement there have been a number of incidents, such as this one, where members of the public have come into contact with them and suffered injury.

At Scoota Mart we encourage the safe use of all mobility products and remind you of the different types of scooter and where they should be used. To reduce the chance of you being involved in an incident such as this we offer the following advice.

Make sure you are familiar with all of the controls on your scooter. All have a dial which limits the maximum speed and setting this to a lower setting when in a busy area will prevent you from jolting forward should you press the paddle too firmly. Also scooters are equipped with a horn to notify other people of your presence, don’t be shy in using it! Some scooters come with lights and indicators which add another level of features to be aware of.

All of our customers do receive an introductory training in the scooter in the shop and upon delivery but we encourage you to take the time to get used to all of these functions in a safe setting, such as your garden or driveway, before you take the scooter out on the open road. Special care should especially be taken in shops as there are often tight turns between the aisles and there are often plenty of people around.

There have been calls for a mandatory ‘scooter proficiency test’ but at Scoota Mart we feel that proper training from a dealership at the time of purchase and a period of learning in a quiet area is sufficient. There are dangers in using mobility scooters but with this proper training and practice the dangers are reduced significantly

However, to protect you in case the worst should happen we recommend that you have a current insurance policy against you scooter. These policies don’t just cover any repairs should your scooter become damaged but also have public liability insurance so that if you involved in an accident that involves someone else you are insurance against any civil action taken against you.