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Choosing The Right Company
Monday 20 January 2015 15:35

In October The Telegraph ran this article detailing the relationship between the charity Age UK and the mobility equipment sales company Quingo. In a nutshell it details the unhealthy relationship between the charity and the commercial company in which large donations were given to the charity allegedly in exchange for a recommendation on their website. Furthermore Quingo appears to be engaged in high pressure selling techniques in which high value scooters were sold to elderly customers in their own home under pressure.

Unfortunately the mobility industry has its fair share of unscrupulous companies many of which are only interested in taking the customers money and provide little after sales service. Scoota Mart prides itself on the way it operates and regardless of which company you decide to purchase your mobility equipment from we would like to you to bear the following in mind when purchasing.

Do your own research and read online reviews for the company. Anyone can have a fancy website but check out local reviews linked to from a search engine or local business directory to see how previous customers have been treated. If possible speak to people who have shopped at the different stores and bear these recommendations in mind.

If at any point you feel you are being put under pressure to purchase walk away. No company should be pressurising you into purchasing expensive mobility equipment. Techniques they could use could be stating a special price is available only for today or bombarding you with calls over a number of days. Any genuine retailer will give you time to consider your options and let you reach your own conclusions.

Don’t forget to ask about or research the level of customer service provided, especially after purchasing. If, for example, a scooter were to break down a couple of months after you bought it who would be responsible for fixing this? Would it be covered by warranty? Would the company collect the scooter for repair?

If you qualify for the Motability scheme their website has a list of dealers that are registered with them and all of these have to abide by a certain level of service otherwise they lose the ability to sell through the scheme.

Obviously it is a concern when you see companies acting in this manner and it reinforces a way of thinking we have long held at Scoota Mart. That is one of trust. Scoota Mart was founded in the early 1990s and is built on a philosophy of trust between us and our customers. We don’t engage in big advertising campaigns, advertise online, or seek out online referrals or reviews. Instead we have preferred to build our customer base naturally allowing customers to carry out their own research into products and word of mouth to guide them towards us. We only hope that when you decide to make a purchase you bear us in mind.